Tecnifos S.A. is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company headquarted in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Specialized indeveloping, producing, and marketing of custom-formulated chemical specialty products, Tecnifos S.A. started it´s activity in 1969.

Tecnifos laboratory facilities, built with the latest technology, guarantee  its customers the utilization of quality/checked raw material for the formulated specialities. A select qualified group of Tecnifos S.A. professionals assist our customers in choosing the correct product for the specified operation.

High quality products, and  technical efficiency are the responsable concepts that enable Tecnifos S.A. it´s permanent evolution and development.

Our main industries we serve are: Automotive, Tube and Pipe, Iron and steel, and all the industries involved in making products from metal which require machining and grinding, rolling and forming, and associated cleaning and corrosion prevention processes.

A constant look foward environmental procedures, the quest for ecological and biodegradables materials are reflected by the certification of the ISO 14001:2004

Tecnifos S.A. is quite assure that our goals are not fulfill only with technical devices. We believe that our human resources are the great responsible for Tecnifos `s performance. It is for this reason, we feel a strong impulse to the continuous social work, stressing that each member of Tecnifos SA can feel the responsibility to bring to market a rugged, reliable and high quality product.